Welcome to PaletteBites

Hey there. Yes you, reading this article (didn’t think technology could be so personal did you?). Welcome to our little corner of the internet, filled with food, fun, and xylophones (maybe not the last one). My name is Flynn, and along with my fiancé Shweta, we explore the restaurants of Bombay, searching for off-beat dishes, and luxurious dining (at least we hope one day). Shweta is quite a popular reviewer on Zomato, and I have a smartphone, so we that in common, but we both also do love food, and of course each other (I hope so!).

This is just the start of an adventure that will take us all across the seven islands, tasting food, drinking milkshakes, and getting into fights (small ones :D). We hope you join us as we eat our way through the restaurants of Bombay, and into your hearts (don’t worry, we’re not cannibals…….or are we?)!


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