Reise – The Seafood Paradise

In between the week’s hustle bustle. Flynn and I decided to try a new place we came across decided, why not let’s give it a shot.

Reise All Day Bar and Kitchen – its located in Chakala. Started in October 2016, this place is not very old and if you blink you are sure to miss it. Reise is a small all day restaurant located in the basement of Hotel Oriental Aster. It has a pretty interesting décor and cosy seating arrangements. Reise is a travel inspired restaurant and, on our table, we found currency notes from around the world, travel photos on the wall, as well as other travel-inspired items, such as a telescope used as part of their décor. They also have games that you can play like Chess and Uno.

The décor and ambience was definitely very cool and interesting, I’m possibly seeing something like this after a very long time.

Their menu also had the whole travel theme going on in terms of their food items and the design. The food options were segregated in terms of Domestic travel, Asian travel, American travel so on and so forth.

Moving on to the food Flynn and I had, as there was seafood festival going on Flynn was very excited and decided to go with it, while I, as usual, stuck to my vegetarian food.

We had: Caribbean Mango and Kiwi Punch as Mocktails, The Caribbean Mango was the highlight for me I really really liked it, the drink had the perfect amount of mango and mint leaves in it. The mango was sweet so the mint leave added a very nice flavour to it and also cut down the sweetness a bit so I could enjoy the drink a lot.

Flynn had the Kiwi Punch and he was a little disappointed with it, it was plain super sweet kiwi syrup with some kiwi seeds in it served with soda and ice. The syrup was at the bottom while the soda was floating at the top. So you could have both of them separately, nothing really got them together even after a lot of stirring and mixing.

Now the Appetizers (Oh Boy! We had a lot: P) Flynn started with Caribbean Crab Meat Soup then he had Duck Fry, Bulldog Crab, Thai BBQ Squid and Honey Mustard Chilli Surmai. On the other hand, I had – Jalapeno poppers, Mushroom Kundan Tara, Mushroom Dim sums, Parmesan cheese Dim sums and Patata Bravas. For the main course the chief (waiter) suggested Seafood biryani for Flynn and Videshi Kichdi for me (apparently one of their star dish).

Caribbean Crab Meat Soup: I think this was first time Flynn enjoyed soup so much. He thinks that you can certainly taste the crab and it was really soft and it feels like the crab melts in your mouth which is a great taste. Overall the dish was spicy but very tasty.

Duck Fry: The duck fry was a bit disappointing as a dish for Flynn. The dish was a little bland, but tasted much better with the garnish. You can taste the crust, which is really thick, more than the duck. It is served with green chutney made of mint and green mirchi which when eaten with the duck fry definitely enhanced the taste.

Bulldog Crab: Oh my god!! This look really amazing and appetizing, but seeing Flynn struggle eating it was a bit weird. As beautifully its presented, it looked that difficult to eat it even though the crab was already opened for you. Flynn found the flavours of this dish were really interesting – it had a mix of tangy and sweet flavour.

Thai BBQ Squid: The squids were soft, chewy and crunchy. Flynn found the flavours nice, subdue, light and sweet. The balance of other flavours definitely cuts down some spice from the chillies.

Honey Mustard Chilli Surmai:  By the looks of it we thought we got a main course dish as appetizer, but it was an appetizer. It was really light. The first bite Flynn thought it was really sweet the honey mustard taste was really strong then in the following bites it fades away to the taste of the fish.

Jalapeno Poppers: Started my vegetarian journey at this place with jalapeno poppers. It was basically deep fried cheese with small pieces of jalapeno which was served with two types of sauces which I think definitely made the poppers taste twice as good, but if you eat it plain you may think it’s just fried cheese. A treat for our cheese lovers!

Kundan Tara: Big pieces of mushroom marinated with some really great flavours, served with fries and pita bread below which was really interesting. The pita bread when eaten with mushrooms definitely compliments well. This is a dish that one must give it a shot!

Mushroom and Spinach & Parmesan Cheese Dim Sums: These two dishes were served together to us in small portions as we did not want too much of it. They were also served with two sauces which I think just add an amazing flavour to the dish. The mushroom filling is really nice but the outer covering leaves an after taste which wasn’t something I liked.

Coming to the Spinach and Parmesan Cheese dim sum was too cheesy (I think they love adding cheese a lot: P) The Dim sum had a very light hint of spinach taste, if you want to enjoy this dim sum you may want to try having only half a bite at one time.

Patata Bravas: Finally, a dish with potato!! Fried chunks potato with tomato sauce mixed with garlic and onions over it and some cheese on the dish as garnish. For some reason the sauce and potato did not go very well, it just did not complement each other, I was really expecting more out of this dish.

Seafood Biryani: Flynn felt this just tasted like a regular biryani except the chicken was replaced with the surmai and shrimp.

Videshi Khichdi: This I thought was a very unique dish and I wonder how come no one has ever thought of this before. Our regular khichdi served with a twist of cheese (of course :P) I really liked the cheese flavour in this dish, It blended perfectly into the khichdi and nor the cheese nor the khichdi neither of the flavours were overpowering each other.

It was really a perfect end to my meal. Stomach Happy!!

All in all, we had a very mix experience at this place. Some dishes tasted really great, while other sat just a little above average. The portions of each dish were quite sufficient and most of them range between 200-300/-. If you are a seafood lover and would love to try something different then you can come and explore this place.

Special thanks to Mr Reddy who served us and took care that dishes reached us on time and Mr. Uday the manager of Reise saw to it that we have a delightful experience. Thank you!

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Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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See you!

Disclaimer: We were invited by Reise to do our review.


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